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Reform Energy’s first Energy Recovery (Waste to Energy) plant will be at Fleetwood.  It received planning permission in December 2011 and work has now begun to prepare the site on Jameson Road for its new role.  Construction of the energy recovery plant is scheduled to take place during 2015 and it will become operational in 2017.

As part of the integrated ‘Generation & Regeneration’ strategy in Fleetwood, Reform is working with local and regional stakeholders to finalise the design of a new fish processing park in the town. The facility will utilise the heat energy from the Reform plant for fish processing and refrigeration – significantly reducing the power consumption of the facilities and underpinning its economic performance.

An agreement to secure the land for the fish park is in the final stages.

The construction of the Fish Park will, subject to planning permission, be undertaken at the same time as the energy plant construction to ensure concurrent commissioning of both facilities.

Further details of the proposed Fish Park project will be released shortly, along with the final design of the Fleetwood energy recovery plant.