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Powering Economic Growth

Reform Energy is developing projects at 6 sites around the UK that will include Combined Heat & Power Energy Recovery plants and economic development and regeneration projects to make the most effective local use of the generated energy.  

The integrated development of energy generation and user markets for that energy has opened up the opportunity to develop sites that would otherwise be uneconomical. These ‘Generation & Regeneration’ sites can typically only be developed because of the onsite power and heat availability.

Using the output from Combined Heat & Power facilities to fuel and sustain local economic development is a model used all over the world.

The technology behind Reform’s energy recovery system has more than 170 operational reference sites around the world. These types of energy recovery plants are typically situated within or close to towns, with the heat energy distributed through district heating networks to businesses, civic facilities and private dwellings. This decentralised power and heat distribution provides an economical source of energy to the connected users, fuelling growth and regeneration.